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Whether you are a pro at gaming, or just an enthusiastic newbie, having a good mouse means a lot to all the gamers. How you perform in a game has a lot to do with which mouse you own. Selecting stuff in an excel spreadsheet is one thing, and making accurate shots/marks in the game-zone is a whole other thing. You cannot just use any mouse to play. If you don’t have a good gaming mouse, you will always stay behind your competitors. A good gaming mouse not only provides you with a gaming feel, but also gives you a great clicking speed. If you are a gamer, you need a CPS (Clicks per Speed) score of more than 12. Check your CPS at Clicks Test. If it is not enough, keep practising. Try Jitter and Butterfly clicks as well. 


If you are not able to score well, it might just the problem with your mouse. Get a good gaming mouse, and you are good to go. Worried about the budget? Below are the 3 most affordable gaming mice available in the market. 

  1. SteelSeries Rival 3

Why settle for just any gaming mouse, when you can get the best one. When we begin caring about the budget, we think that we won’t be able to the best quality mouse. But, that is not true. The SteelSeries Rival 3 has a performance that exceeds its price. Costing hardly $29.88, this gaming mouse has 6 buttons that bring almost all the features to your fingertip. If you are a lover of minimalism, this mouse would fit right into your world SteelSeries has not put too much effort into the glamour. All the focus lies in the amazing features that the mouse possesses. It also has TrueMove Core Optical sensor for accuracy, and it can move up to 300 inches per second. Any gamer would be pleased to get it. 

  1. Aukey Knight

At just $25 Aukey brings a mouse that can outstand almost every gaming mouse out there. The Aukey Knight has a Pixart PMW3325 optical sensor that performs all your tasks precisely and perfectly. Its DPI reaches up to 10,000, tracking speed hits 100 ISP, and acceleration, 20G. If a good design concerns you, Aukey Knight would check that box of yours as well. A lit logo at the top, 3 RGB lights and attractive strips on the base would catch anyone’s attention easily. Aukey has a button for making switching between sensitivity levels easier. Get the mouse to explore more of its features. 

  1. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

Gamers, nowadays are obsessed with wireless mice. But, as a matter of fact, the good quality wireless mouse comes at a very high cost. Corsair sits as an irony here. It brings a high-end wireless mouse on a low budget with Harpoon RGB. In just $50, the mouse can connect to anything with its dual connectivity of Bluetooth and wireless dongle. It would impress you with its brilliant 10,000 DPI sensor and uniquely round physical design. 

Final Words

You have got the top 3 budget mouse available in the market in 2021 mentioned above. Make a list of requirements and choose your gaming mouse accordingly. We hope that this article served its purpose.

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